Friday, October 22, 2010

GF pizza in Indy (Puccini's and Mellow Mushroom)

I love pizza!

Before I went GF, I ate pizza all the time and lots of it.

Fortunately, for both my wallet and waistline, GF pizza was hard to come by when I was first diagnosed, so I didn't eat nearly as much as I did pre-Celiac.

Unfortunately, now Puccini's and Mellow Mushroom have both decided to make delicious, GF pizza and only Brandie will keep me from becoming a ravenous pizza-hound again.

Both of these restaurants have excellent crusts and lots of delicious toppings. Puccini's has GF pasta as well, and on my next trip there, I'll have to try it out. We didn't try the salads, but I may have to try one next time, so Brandie can order herself some gluteny breadsticks. Their toppings list is amazingly huge. We ordered one pizza with hamburger and feta and the second with chorizo and jack cheese. I really enjoyed the chorizo because, at most places, the chorizo gives me terrible indigestion, but not at Puccini's.

Mellow Mushroom has massive salads and you can build your own which is good for me, since I like my salads with lettuce, cheese (mmm Feta!), and salad dressing. I got the salad because Brandie wanted the gluteny Mufuletta bread, but I wasn't expecting so much. For pizza, we ordered a Mighty Meaty and a cheese. The meat pizza was good, but the cheese pizza could have used a little more cheese (which is why next time I'm getting a pizza with multiple cheeses on it).

Puccini's and Mellow Mushroom are great pizza places, and although they are a bit expensive, it is totally worth the price.

Udi's GF baked goods

I recently had the good fortune to find Udi's GF bagels and pizza crusts in our local Kroger store. Man, was I lucky! The bagels taste like I remember bagels tasting before I went GF. It brought back memories of eating Lender's bagels when I was a kid. Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm! We also tried the pizza crusts, and they were delicious, too. They baked up nicely, although I think the next time we get them we'll try baking them a little bit before putting the toppings on them. All in all, I love the Udi's GF products that I've tried so far, and can't wait to try more.

Trader Joe's cookies

We recently bought a bag of Trader Joe's GF snickerdoodles, and they were really good. Essentially, they are EnjoyLife snickerdoodles in a Trader Joe's container, but that didn't meant that we didn't like them. They are delicious, and Brandie is probably going to use these cookies along with the ginger snaps to make a cheesecake crust.

Speaking of ginger snaps, these are the other new GF cookies from Trader Joe's. I like the snickerdoodles, but I LOVE the ginger snaps. Before I went GF, I wasn't a big fan of this kind of cookie, but now I am. These are probably the best ginger snaps I've ever eaten, and if I'm not careful, I'll clear a bag in less than a week.