Monday, November 17, 2008

Whole Foods GF Calendar - November

I'm a slacker, I know. This information is kind of last minute, I apologize:

Sunday, November 23rd
Gluten Free Thanksgiving
1-3pm FREE
Sandy Haney will be dishing up gluten free foods while you shop. This month enjoy a sampling from her Thanksgiving menu including Gluten Free Stuffing, Namaste Spice Cake and Pumpkin Pie!
*Note - this is at the Nora location (86th & Michigan)

Wednesday, November 19th
Value Tour
6-7:30pm FREE
Eating great food doesn't have to break your budget. Join Sarah Smith for some valuable tips on stretching your dollar and getting the most for your money at Whole Foods Market. Enjoy samples too! Meet at the front of the store. RSVP to reserve your space at Carmel: 569.1517. Leave a message for Sarah Smith.
*Note - this is not particularly a GF event, but can be very helpful. This is at the Carmel store.
Personal note - Sarah is awesome!!! For those of you who use to go to the GF classes at the Nora store, you understand how much Sarah helps the GF community with her positive attitude and vast amount of knowledge.

November 2008 Celiac Central Newsletter

I was reading my November 2008 Celiac Central Newsletter when I decided to speak about this wonderful organization on my blog. I have a link to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness under the link list section of my blog, but I wanted to stress how great this organization and their website actually is.
By just signing up for the monthly e-mail, you can keep up to date with all aspects of the gluten-free lifestyle on a national and international level. The e-mail isn't long and the organization isn't going to fill up your inboxes or give away your information to other groups. I have spoken about a lot of things on my blog and some of those items I have heard about by this group.
Some of the topics you can read about this month:
-At-Home Celiac Test Coming Soon to U.S. Market
-2G of Canada Offers Breakthrough Take-Home Test for Celiac
-2008 South Florida Gluten-Free Cooking Spree

When you visit their website you can also learn about how to donate or sponsor this wonderful cause. As a member of the gluten-free community, I highly recommend subscribing to this newsletter, it is very informative and definitely helps newcomers to the lifestyle.
To find out more information about this foundation, you can click on the link at on my blog, it will direct you to their website:

A BIG THANK YOU to Georgetown Market...

Even though GF products are now being carried in more mainstream stores (i.e. Target, Walmart, Kroger, etc.), there are only a couple of stores that have always tried to support the GF community and Georgetown Market is one of them. Not only does the store offer competitive prices and a large quantity of GF items, they really try hard to be a great member of the GF community.
Tommie and I have been to many GF cooking classes at Georgetown Market and have always left with a positive attitude, new recipes, and a full belly. The employees at Georgetown have always been there to educate us on products as well as introduce us to the first GF bakery (at least that we knew of) in the Indianapolis area. A couple of years ago I bought Tommie a birthday cake from Georgetown and it was fantastic. It had great texture and yummy caramel icing. We have also purchased GF pizzas from their deli - yum yum!
Last year we went to their annual 'birthday' weekend celebration and signed up to win a GF basket full of goodies - and we won! We were given a large grocery bag full of Pamela's mixes (as well as other mixes), cooking utensils and even some pot holders. This year we made a point to toss our names into the running and we won again! This year we were given a grocery bag full of natural and organic health care items. There were probiotics, natural throat care sprays, pomegranate concentrate, and other great items.
Tommie and I have three main stores we shop at for our GF products and Georgetown has always been on our list. In a day when you get lost in oversized stores, Georgetown is a locally owned smaller store that guarantees great products for great prices and a helping hand along the way. Georgetown Market, we appreciate all that you do for the community - keep up the great work.
If you would like to learn more about Georgetown Market you can visit their website at:
One more thing: Georgetown Market has a Rewards card that is free to sign up for. Just have the cashier swipe the card everytime you make a purchase and when your purchases total up to $250, you get a $10.00 coupon. Now I hear what you're saying, "$250! thats a lot of money," true, but hey, you're gonna spend that money, might as well earn some rewards. Besides- their product prices are cheaper than most other stores and you're not going to earn any rewards at the other places.

Product Review: Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix

Tommie and I had one of those weeks - a stressful week full of 'have to's' and 'need to's' - so we decided to treat ourselves to a yummy breakfast of pancakes in our p.j.s. Well, this weekend we searched in the pantry and decided to make some Pamela's pancakes. Now we are big fans of Pamela's brownies - they're delicious and last longer then most GF brands. Plus Pamela's is one of those staples that you can find at most local stores (including Georgetown Market, Whole Foods and some of the Krogers and Meijers among others). I can't tell you why it has taken us so long to attempt Pamela's pancakes but believe me when I say we'll be eating them again.

This weekend I made the pancake mix as directed by the package - I didn't make any of my own changes. The directions are easy to understand and you only need the basic GF additives - an egg, oil, water, etc. The pancakes cook up quickly, like gluten-ful pancakes and the texture was spot on.
There were slight (absolutely minor) details though and here are my suggestions on how to get the best pancake out of the mix:
1. add a little salt to the mix - the pancakes were a little bland and some salt would bring out the flavor of the flours more
2. the mix is pretty thick so don't just plop some batter on the griddle - you'll need to move it around; the mix will not thin out and the inside of your pancake will not be cooked while the outside is.
3. do not apply syrup and let the pancakes sit - I would wait to put syrup on them until you're ready to eat, especially if you add a bucket of syrup to your pancakes like Tommie does. The pancakes will start to dissolve and you're left more with a syrup-pancake puddle.

Other then that - I give Pamela's pancakes a 4 out of 5! They're easy and yummy. If you add some salt, I bet your breakfast guests wouldn't even know they were GF. Price: this product can run anywhere from around $4.00 - $6.00 depending on where you shop. If you would like to learn more about Pamela's brand foods you can visit their website at:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Georgetown Market GF day!!

Friday, November 7th Gluten-free Day

Gluten-free samples all day
Gluten-free hot bar
Your favorite gluten-free vendors

Join Georgetown Market as they celebrate 35 years of business in the Indianapolis community!

The Measuring Cup

The Measuring Cup is a fantastic place to buy quality GF goods in the Indianapolis (and greater Indianapolis area). Pam and Chris have been working so hard and it is definitely paying off. Their goods are top rate and they are definitely the place to go for GF baked goods. I can think of no other place that even comes close to what they can do with GF flours. Now you can access all of their weekly menus and information on their website:

Congratulations Pam & Chris and thank you so much for all of the hard work you do for the GF community.