Friday, October 9, 2009

October: Product of the Month

What: ThinkThin bars
Where: Trader Joe's and Whole Foods
Cost: $1.69
Why: They're yummy and they have great GF options.

There are also Think Pink, Think Organic, Think5 Nutrition, Think Green Superfood, Think Energy, and Think Protein bars.

Cool fact: this company not only thinks about nutrition, they are environmentally conscious. Check out their website at :

Whole Foods October Events

Saturday, October 10th NORA & CARMEL (4-6PM)
12-2pm FREE
Enjoy spiced apple cider, samples throughout the store, pumpkin decorating for the kids, live polka music outside & more!

Sunday, October 18th CARMEL
Gluten Free Cooking
1-2:30pm FREE
Get gluten free cooking tips each month from Sandy Haney. She lives a gluten free lifestyle and loves to cook! Come enjoy samples of Macaroni and Cheese, Dairy Free Biscuits and Tiramisu. RSVP at 569.1517. Leave message for Sarah Smith.

Wednesday, October 21st NORA: Thursday, October 15th CARMEL
Gluten Free Store Tour
6-7:30pm FREE
Are you living the gluten free (GF) lifestyle and not sure what to eat? Join Sarah Smith to learn about all of the great GF products available in each department, learn how to label read, find out what resources are available & enjoy samples too! RSVP to reserve your space at Eighty-Sixth St call the Customer Service Desk at 706.0900.

Thursday, October 29th NORA: Thursday, October 8th CARMEL
Smart Shopper Tour
6-7:30pm FREE
Want to make healthier choices, but don't know where to start? This store tour is for you! Sarah Smith will show you how to shop smart and dish out some samples too! Learn how to label read, when to buy organic, decipher buzz words like antioxidant, learn what questions to ask your butcher, how to choose healthy snacks, the importance of eco-cleaners, all-natural body care products, fiber and more! Meet at the front of the store. RSVP for 86th St. at the Customer Service Desk 317.706.0900.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ahh...Betty Crocker

About a month ago, my great aunt Lera sent me an email saying that she had seen a Betty Crocker GF cake mix in her local store. I thought of course she must be hallucinating - but no, she wasn't! Lera lives in Texas and they were about a month ahead of us Hoosiers, and I must say that Tommie and I were jealous.

Tommie and I have tried the brownies and the chocolate-chip cookies, give us time and I'm sure we'll try all of them. I must say - both were DE-LICIOUS!!!! If the great texture and taste weren't enough - the cost wasn't that bad either. Could this be a turning of the tide? Could mainstream America be noticing the GF community? We can only hope!!!

If you would like information about Betty Crocker's mixes and recipes, you can click on the following link:
The above image was also found on this site.

Our vote: 5 out of 5 stars!

Wow - such a long time.

Life has been busy and evidence of that is the fact that I haven't posted a blog in a long long time. A lot of great GF products have been introduced to the new market and I'll be posting reviews shortly.

Also - Suzanne Stocklin held a great meeting at Clarian North this past Sunday discussing GF option in international cuisine. Her presentation was fantastic! My hats off to both Susanne and Clarian North for hosting such a great event.