Monday, November 17, 2008

A BIG THANK YOU to Georgetown Market...

Even though GF products are now being carried in more mainstream stores (i.e. Target, Walmart, Kroger, etc.), there are only a couple of stores that have always tried to support the GF community and Georgetown Market is one of them. Not only does the store offer competitive prices and a large quantity of GF items, they really try hard to be a great member of the GF community.
Tommie and I have been to many GF cooking classes at Georgetown Market and have always left with a positive attitude, new recipes, and a full belly. The employees at Georgetown have always been there to educate us on products as well as introduce us to the first GF bakery (at least that we knew of) in the Indianapolis area. A couple of years ago I bought Tommie a birthday cake from Georgetown and it was fantastic. It had great texture and yummy caramel icing. We have also purchased GF pizzas from their deli - yum yum!
Last year we went to their annual 'birthday' weekend celebration and signed up to win a GF basket full of goodies - and we won! We were given a large grocery bag full of Pamela's mixes (as well as other mixes), cooking utensils and even some pot holders. This year we made a point to toss our names into the running and we won again! This year we were given a grocery bag full of natural and organic health care items. There were probiotics, natural throat care sprays, pomegranate concentrate, and other great items.
Tommie and I have three main stores we shop at for our GF products and Georgetown has always been on our list. In a day when you get lost in oversized stores, Georgetown is a locally owned smaller store that guarantees great products for great prices and a helping hand along the way. Georgetown Market, we appreciate all that you do for the community - keep up the great work.
If you would like to learn more about Georgetown Market you can visit their website at:
One more thing: Georgetown Market has a Rewards card that is free to sign up for. Just have the cashier swipe the card everytime you make a purchase and when your purchases total up to $250, you get a $10.00 coupon. Now I hear what you're saying, "$250! thats a lot of money," true, but hey, you're gonna spend that money, might as well earn some rewards. Besides- their product prices are cheaper than most other stores and you're not going to earn any rewards at the other places.

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