Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nature's Path Organic Whole O's

So I got this email a while back asking if anyone was interested in a new Nature's Path product. Me, interested in trying something gluten-free and possibly delicious? Heck yeah!!! Now this is the same great company that brings us EnviroKidz cereals, among other great products so Tommie and I were pretty excited.

Well, last week we received a package in the mail which contained a box of Whole O's cold cereal. We quickly opened the box and both grabbed a handfuls.

Response - well,...I liked it, but I kind of figured I would. Here's the thing though - I really liked it. There was this hint of sweetness at the end that really intrigued me. This wasn't your usual everyday 'over-processed-help me I need milk-sugary taste'. Nope - this was a lightly fruity sweetness. A hint of natural sugar if you will.

Then I heard Tommie - 'mmm, this is good'. What? Am I mistaken? Tommie actually likes a GF cereal. See, Tommie has tolerated GF cereals in the past. We'll buy a box and then I have to force him to eat the entire box before he can try something else. He gets tired of eating cereal very quickly - now in all fairness, he does work with limestone all day and does a lot of heaving lifting - sometimes cereal just doesn't cut it. However, he also gets tired of the tastes quickly. So we'll have to see if he can stand eating an entire box of GF cereal without my help.

I figured, ah, he just liked it initially - then I noticed he kept cramming mounds of cereal in his mouth. He mentioned to mumble an occasional word, but it was mostly chewing. I just smiled and realized that when a person with CD finds food that they like and actually want to eat - well the experience is like Christmas and Santa knew exactly what you wanted. In between chewing, Tommie did mention that it was sweetened with pomegranate! That was it, that was the sweet taste I was getting. You can't beat that, a light pomegranate after taste - sign me up.

So, my rating for this product - I'm going to have to give it a 5 out of 5 for taste. I also have to give a shout-out to the company in general - I am really impressed that you offered up a free taste of your product. You are a vital part of the GF community and we appreciate not only your products, but also your earth-friendly attitude and integrity.
I'm not sure how much this cereal is going to cost or where you can purchase it, but you can definitely stay up to date on all Nature Path's products at


Nature's Path Organic Whole O's, is a gluten free blend of organic whole grain corn and rice with pomegranate juice for a delicious flavor.

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