Sunday, March 15, 2009

Noodles and Company

Tommie and I LOVE Noodles and Company!!! Most of you in the community know about their great pad thai noodles and how willing the staff is to work with you on preparing a gluten-free meal. Well, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows about their birthday club. Tommie has this habit of signing up for the birthday club coupons for every restaurant we go to (Texas Roadhouse, Coldstone Creamery, etc.). And the great thing is, every year on his birthday he has about 3-4 free entrees at to select from. This year we decided to go to Noodles and Company and you gotta love getting free meal just for being born! If you love this place as much as we do, you should definitely sign up, it is totally worth it.

You can sign up for a 'noodlegram' by going to their website:

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