Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Restaurant Review: P.F. Chang's

So Tommie and I had a postponed Valentine's dinner on Saturday at P.F. Chang. This was our first time going and I know, we're probably the last people in Indianapolis to dine there. Let me just sum up our experience in one word: AWESOME.

We had the P.F. Chang's for Two which is a four course meal for $39.99. We had the following:
Appetizer: GF chicken lettuce wraps
Soup: GF egg drop
Entree: GF Chang's Spicy Chicken and GF Pepper Steak with white and brown rice
Dessert: chocolate mousse(GF) and cheesecake(not GF)

I had heard so many great things about P.F. Chang's that I figured I'd be disappointed - that I would have my hopes so high that it couldn't possibly be that good. However, it was that good, as a matter of fact it was even better.

We made reservations online, and was that a good thing. When we arrived to the restaurant about 7:10PM (our reservation was 7:30PM) it was crazy packed. I thought that we'd never get a seat but they actually seated us early. Then our service was so great. Tommie explained about being gluten-free and the server was old-hat at gluten-free. He knew right off the bat what we could eat and he still wanted to confirm with the chef that everything would be up to standards.

Our enter experience was excellent and this will not be the last time that we visit P.F. Chang's. I just hope that next time I remember we have a 'Warrior' card and use it to get an even greater deal.

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