Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jason's Deli

Brandie and I stopped by here on our way to Castleton to try out the GF bread. I was hoping to get a Reuben, like I’d had at Square Rootz, but the sauerkraut wasn’t listed on the GF menu. I went with half a hot corned beef with Swiss cheese sandwich, and a Pollo Mexicano baked potato.
First off, make sure you ask for the bread to be toasted. I didn’t think to ask, and the bread started crumbling from the first bite. I also should have ordered some mustard or Thousand Island dressing, because the sandwich was very dry.

Second, the Pollo Mexicano potato was good, but I didn’t think to ask for any butter to put on the peel when I was finished. I didn’t think about asking because when I get a baked potato at McAlister’s, the butter comes with it.

Third, the meal comes with free ice cream, which is always a plus with me.
Overall, I enjoyed the experience, and I’ll give it another go sometime when I’m in the Castleton area.

P.S. We lost the pictures we took during our meal. Sorry.

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