Friday, June 25, 2010

Ice cream in Cincinnati

Understand that when I say that I love ice cream, I really love ice cream. I could probably eat ice cream everyday and never get tired of it. Dairy Queen, Coldstone, Baskin Robbins, Ritters,..I’ve tried them all. Edy's, Breyers, Kroger,…tried all of the store-bought brands also. So, when we go on vacation – I find it my personal duty to search out new and exciting ice cream experiences. Ohio had plenty of options and here are 3 that I particularly enjoyed.

Dojo Gelato
This was my absolute favorite!!!! Gelato is like ice cream’s creamier more flavorful Italian cousin. It was so good and had so many options that I couldn’t select one flavor, so I decided not to limit myself. I tried ‘pomegranate sorbeto’, ‘raspberry goat cheese’, and ‘orange blossom pistachio’. Tommie tried ‘sea salt caramel’ and ‘Mexican vanilla’. I could have seriously sat there and eaten this gelato all day long. The price was right also, we tried 5 flavors and the bill came out to just above $8.00. So where can you find Dojo? Findlay Market. Here are the links for both Dojo Gelato and Findlay Market:

Tommie and I had a great opportunity to take a night hike at the Cincinnati Zoo while we were in Ohio and we met some great people on the hike. A wonderful local couple told us we had to get some Graeter’s before we headed back home. They suggested that we try one of the ‘chip’ ice creams because the chips were humongous. I had ‘peanut butter chip’ and ‘toffee chip’. Tommie had caramel and vanilla w/ chocolate sprinkles. I gotta say, the couple didn’t lie – those chips were crazy big. Tommie and I were definitely satisfied and Tommie was hoping that we could make a second trip before we left. If you go to their website, you can find local stores here in Indy that sell the yummy ice cream.

UDF: United Dairy Farmers
Eating GF at the Cincinnati Zoo is pretty much impossible, unless you take your own food. However, they did have ice cream. It was pretty darn hot the day we went and Tommie and I spent around 9 and half hours at the zoo so our snacks only lasted for so long. We decided that we just had to get some ice cream to hold us over till dinner. When we headed over to the ice cream shop I noticed that the brand was called ‘UDF’ and I had never heard of it. Then I saw a sign labeled ‘United Dairy Farmers’. Tommie and I both got vanilla and I gotta say – pretty good.

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dojoblogato said...

Tommie and Brandie,

Thank you for visiting Dojo. I'm happy to hear that you loved our fresh gelati. We put a lot of hard work and passion into our Italian-style ice creams (which we make all on site at Findlay Market), so it means a lot when we feel the love. Thanks again. -- Michael, Owner, Dojo Gelato