Friday, June 25, 2010

Rusty Bucket

A new restaurant has opened in Indy, off of 86th and Ditch. When we found out that they had a GF menu, naturally we wanted to eat there. When we found out there was one in Cincinnati (where we just spent a week on vacay) it seem fated that we should eat there. If we liked it, then that meant there was a new GF restaurant at home to go to.

So how was it? Initially I wasn’t too impressed because the GF menu seemed small. However, it was A-MAZ-ING!!! The atmosphere resembles that of a sports bar, but a little more calm and laid back. The waitress was fantastic and she was very knowledgeable about the GF options. She had even eaten some of the GF offerings (even though she isn’t GF) and was very helpful.

We started off with the Double Stacked Quesadilla and let me tell you – YUMMY!!! Tommie is not a fan of the guacamole, but I am and it was delicious. I might have to make this appetizer my main entrĂ©e next time. Then Tommie ordered the Grilled BBQ Chicken with Mashers and Skillet Beans.

He liked the chicken, loved the mashers (mashed potatoes), and thought the skillet beans were pretty good. The skillet beans are green beans that are cooked with red bell peppers and bacon.

I had the Reuben, which wasn’t GF, but just to add – they had thee best corned beef that I’ve ever eaten! It wasn’t the best Reuben (I hold that honor for my mother),but this was definitely a close 2nd.

Overall, we will definitely be going again and we highly recommend it to everyone.

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