Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunstart "Free From" cookies

While we were at Jungle Jims we searched out GF products all over the store. Now I’ve heard that the incidence for CD is 1 in 100 people in Ireland; therefore we figured that the Irish section of the store would have GF products. Wouldn’t you know – we were right! Sunstart Quality Bakers had a collection of cookies available under their ‘Free From’ title. The list of cookies included:

Supreme Golden Crunch
Chocolate Chip Crunch
Ginger Golden Crunch
Chocolate-Wrapped Golden Crunch
Raspberry Golden Crunch

Tommie bought a box of the Chocolate Chip Crunch and a box of the Chocolate-Wrapped Golden Crunch. The results were wonderful!!!! These have to be the best GF boxed cookies I’ve had. I can’t decide which flavor I liked best; I would suggest trying them all if you’re a cookie fan.

Here’s the bad part – as of right now there are no distributors in Indiana. Argh!! Their website shows 7 distributors in Illinois and 7 in Ohio. So what do we do? Either go to Ohio, Illinois or ask Whole Foods and Georgetown Market to start distributing.

Check out their website:

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