Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gluten VS Gluten-Free: PF Chang's desserts

Friday afternoon a group of us went out to PF Chang's. As stated in our previous blogs, we are now in love with this restaurant. Anywho - on this particular occasion, we decided to get some dessert. I ordered the 'great wall of chocolate' and Tommie ordered the 'GF flourless chocolate dome'. So how did they match up?

The GF dessert was AMAZING!!!!! Don't let the size of this treat confuse you - there is a lot of flavor in this small amount of yumminess. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure how much of this one could eat because it is that rich. It is a great dessert to share with another person.

The size of this cake is crazy. This could feed about 4-5, maybe even more, people. The downside, the flavor. The cake was lacking in the 'pow' of flavor and texture. I thought the cake would be moist, but it wasn't really - more sponge-like.

Which dessert won? The GF flourless chocolate dome - hands down!!!! Everyone at the table agreed. The GF option at PF Chang's is amazing and it would be a shame to leave without trying it.

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