Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trader Joe's Goat Milk Brie

I know what you're thinking - "why is she writing a post about cheese?" Yes I know that most cheese is naturally gluten-free so then there must be a good reason for me to be wasting my time talking about it.

Long story short- it's good and it's cheap. It is no secret that Tommie and I love Trader Joe's. They have great products for even greater prices and luckily they're just up the street from our house. Now, Tommie doesn't share my love for brie (he's odd that way), but he does recognize the cost saving benefits of eating Trader Joe's brie.

Never tried brie? Never tried goat milk cheese? Live on the wild side. Next time you're at Trader Joe's wander by the cheese area, pick up some cheese you've never tried (and may not be able to pronounce). Then head over to the cracker section, pick some GF crackers up and have a cheese tasting at home. Worst case scenario - you don't like it, in which case Trader Joe's will let you bring the item back with for a refund. No questions asked. However, I don't think you'll be doing that once you taste this lovely cheese.


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