Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Enjoy Life: Crunchy chocolate chip cookies

We have enjoyed Enjoy Life (forgive the alliteration) products ever since Tommie was diagnosed in 2005. Over the years their products have gotten increasingly better, but I must say that the best product so far has to be their crunchy chocolate chip cookies.

I am not much a 'crunchy' cookie gal - I like my cookies gooey or soft. Therefore, when I found these cookies at Angelo's, I bought them for Tommie - not me. When he sat down to eat some I took a cookie thinking "well, it's for the blog". (Insert smile here). Can I tell you that this cookie was A-MAZ-ING?!!!! Needless to say I told Tommie he was going to have to put up the cookies, hide them, and never let me know where they were.

The flavor is fantastic and the texture is wonderful. I would bet some wealthy person's money that if you passed these out at any event, no one would suspect they were gluten-free. They are absolutely wonderful.

Next time you're walking through the GF aisle and you're wondering what sweet treat to buy, stop and place your hands on a box of these yummy cookies and you'll be a happier person for doing so.

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