Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jason's Deli

Tommie and I ate at Jason's Deli a while ago and even though we did a review then, I don't think we did justice to the experience. When we were there, the area was still under construction (we went to the deli up at Keystone) but it was very easy to enter.

Tommie ordered the pollo mexicano AND half a sandwich with warm corn beef and Swiss on Udi's bread. He didn't realize how big the meal was going to be and I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head when the staff delivered our meal.

Here is a quick list of pro's to eating at Jason's:
-family friendly (did I mention the free ice cream?)
-helpful service
-antibiotic free chicken
-potato was better than McAllister's and he was also able to have an option to get a sandwich
-servings are huge
-Tommie's said the corn beef was better than Shapiro's!!!
-beef isn't processed, brought to the store on the bone and sliced in house
-salad bar looked amazing (so did the Beefeater, a huge sandwich that I might get next time)
-prices are reasonable
-have vegetarian options

Only a few suggestions, expect a lot of foot traffic when you get there. The place was packed!!! Ask them to toast the Udi's bread, otherwise your sandwich will turn into meat and cheese with breadcrumbs.

Other than that- great restaurant. It is nice to eat at a deli with my husband and know that he is not having to settle. Go Jason's!

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