Wednesday, September 28, 2011

96th St Steakburgers

A couple of weeks ago, I saw on the Gluten Free Indy listserv that 96th Street Steakburgers was offering Udi’s GF buns. I begged and pleaded with Brandie to try it out, and she finally relented. I got a triple steakburger with just cheese on a Udi’s bun, with a large fries and drink. It was awesome. It was like getting all the deliciousness of a Steak ‘n’ Shake burger (on a bun, no less) with Penn Station or 5 Guys fries. I absolutely loved it. Brandie was not as pleased with the French fries, but she does not love potatoes like I love potatoes. It wasn’t too badly priced either. I will have to convince Brandie to head over to the Northeast Indy/Carmel area more often, so we can be near 96th Street Steakburgers.

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