Thursday, September 22, 2011

Schar lady finger cookies

When sitting down to write this entry I reminded of the Meijer commercial in which a little girl is asked to eat a name brand spinach and she reacts by making a sour face and saying 'yuck'. She is then given a store brand mouthful of spinach and to our amazement she has the same reaction. Well, folks, that is my response to Schar lady fingers.

I must admit that I am not a fan of lady fingers, gluteny or not. I wouldn't pay for them, heck I wouldn't even eat them if they were free and baked by a close friend. I would even argue that if on a deserted island and they were my last means of food, I would try to catch fish before succumbing to the anguish that is lady fingers.

That being said, when Tommie saw Schar lady fingers at Angelo's he really wanted to try them; mainly because he had never had a lady finger. So, of course we bought a box. When he opened them he offered me a bite and so I tried a piece. I know, I know, you're wondering after all of that complaining I did in paragraph two why in the world I would try a lady finger. Well folks, one of two things happens when you try food. 1 - you take a bite and you like it. 2 - you take a bite and you don't like it. Either way, the whole experience is usually over with in a couple of seconds and you know at least know your feelings on a certain item.

So my reaction was much akin to the girl in the Meijer commercial. I looked at Tommie and with a somewhat sour face stated, "yep - taste like a lady finger". That is the best I can do for you with this one. They look, feel, and taste like a lady finger. Perhaps a little bit spongier so if you're going to make tiramisu or some kind of layered mouse or fluff dessert I wouldn't soak them as long, but other then that - they're pretty darn close to the real thing.

Here is the real kicker - if you do like lady fingers and want to buy this product - I'm not sure where you could get it. The Indianapolis market doesn't have a lot of Schar products and because Angelo's market reaches much farther than our own, that is where they found it. You could always call up Angelo's and see if they have more in stock and of course there is the Schar website which can give you answers on locations nearest you:

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