Thursday, September 22, 2011


My grandmother and sister have been telling me of this store called Angelo's for a while now. "Oh they have the best deals, and there are so many gluten-free products." Grandma would buy Tommie some Mrs. Leepers and then some cookies. And slowly we realized that perhaps we should check out the store. One day I ventured to Angelo's with my grandmother and sister to see what all this commotion was about.

When first pulling up to the store, located at College and Georgia, the building didn't seem too impressive and rather small. My grandmother then threw a curve ball, "I hope you brought cash or a checkbook, they don't take debit or credit". Tommie and I are terrible at carrying cash or checks. We pay for everything with our bank card (we like it that way, it goes right out of our checking account and we get points). Luckily I had my checkbook with me and I was ready to shop.

Right as I walked in the door I was surprised by all of the Whole Foods and various brands that we normally pay a good amount of money for. What were they doing here? Why were they so cheap? Why I am standing here and not getting a cart?

Angelo's is a salvage and surplus store and therefore can turn around and sell these products at much lower prices than originally marked. Now that being said, some of the boxes are a little damaged and I wouldn't necessarily buy a box of crackers. There are guidelines they have to follow as to the quality of the products and whether or not they can be sold. There is a freezer section, Tommie and I have not purchased anything mainly because nothing really caught our eyes but my grandmother has and has no complaints about the food.

So what kind of gluten-free products have I found?
-Annie's GF macaroni
-GF Hamburger Helper
-365 (Whole Foods) bread mixes
-Think Thin
-Mrs. Leepers
-Enjoy Life
-Bob's Red Mill

Just to mention some off the top of my head. The deals are amazing and there are products that aren't normally found in our regional market - which is AWESOME. Here is the thing about Angelo's: they have tons more gluten-free (and I've just been told, organic) products, they just can't bring them in until they sell what they have. Now Tommie and I have made them a mainstay of our monthly grocery shopping but we wanted to make sure everyone in Indy knew where they were and to check them out if you get a chance. It will be worth your time, promise.

Angelo's does not have a website so here is their information:
Tony Sund & Jenny Jones
201 S. College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: 317-634-6552
Fax: 317-264-3580
Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00
Saturday 8:00-2:00

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