Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jovial Foods: Inherently Good

Another one of our finds at Angelo's was jovial cookies. Now I purchased these cookies in Tommie's absence but figured since we're both willing to try new things that we better give this brand a shot. There were two types of cookie at the store: chocolate cream filled and fig fruit filled. Now I should have purchased both, but I knew that Tommie would like the chocolate and not the fig. Of course, I love fig and if I get the chance to purchase them I will do so and let you know how it goes.

We decided to try the cookies before doing any research on the company. The box was quite informative: the product was organic, and a product of Italy. The company's catch phrase is 'inherently good' and so we were ready to taste. The cookies come two to a package, which I loved because they were already portioned and it would be easy to just through a package in a lunchbox or bag. The outside of the cookies are crispy and yummy, but then the best part is the middle - chocolate fudge!!!! Now I absolutely loved these cookies! Tommie however was a little less impressed. There is somewhat of a coffee taste and he despises coffee flat out. Of course I had no problem finishing the small box over the next month.

Now to the company: they want to revive ancient grains and entrust this to local farmers. Their company is much bigger than just gluten-free, but to my surprise their website hosts a lot of gluten-free content. The website is very user-friendly, clean, and makes me want to run downstairs and cook up some pasta. As I was reading through the website I became a little depressed, afraid that I would not find any local vendors, but alas, the Indy and Carmel gluten-free distributors are coming through. You can find jovial products at the following stores:

-Georgetown Market
4375 Georgetown Rd Indianapolis , IN 46254

-The Fresh Market
5415 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220

-Whole Foods Market
14598 Clay Terrace Blvd Carmel, IN 46032

-The Fresh Market
2490 East 146th Street Carmel, IN 46033

-Nature's Pharm: Indianapolis
8215 US Highway 31 South Indianapolis, IN 46227

I would highly suggest trying the cookies and you better believe that I will be hunting down some of their other gluten-free products!!! I am so excited.

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