Wednesday, May 7, 2008

GF Toronto - The Cafe Next Door

Feel Good Food...That is the motto of the Café Next Door, which is exactly the café next door to The Magic Oven on Broadview Ave. When the guys at The Magic Oven sparked up a conversation about gluten-free foods we told them we were from Indiana and that we were amazed by the GF selection they had. They then invited us over to the café to try their breakfast options. Don't you just hate it when people twist your arm? Needless to say the next morning we jumped on the subway and walked into the Café Next Door. I had a yummy fruit salad and multi-grain BLT sandwich, but who cares about what I ate, right? Tommie had a bagel with butter and a 'Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich' with Swiss cheese of course. He absolutely loved the food! He kept smiling the whole time he ate and it, it definitely started our day of touristy fun off on the right foot. Another great GF place to try when you're in the area.

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Anonymous said...

Are you from Toronto? Or did you visit recently? Sounds like some great restaurants!