Wednesday, May 7, 2008

GF Toronto - The Creperie

Now I'm not one for crepes, it's a texture thing really, but you do not turn down an opportunity to go to a GF restaurant. The Creperie is located in the Distillery District of Toronto and when we were there in August it was a little hard to get to due to construction. If you are taking local transportation (such as the bus and subway) I would leave plenty of time in your schedule if you choose to venture to this restaurant. That being said, it is worth it. The whole area was an experience, not only were there restaurants, but art galleries and shops have also made their home in the old Distillery district. The setting is very casual and modern, your order food at the counter and they'll call your name when it is ready. It was lunch time when we got there so we both had a savory crepe and then shared a cinnamon and sugar crepe - which was so yummy! The portions were large and our lunch cost us around $23. I recommend not only The Creperie, but the entire experience of the Distillery District - good food, great art, nice people and an overall great time.

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