Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Measuring Cup Menu for July 8th - July 12th

Available after TUESDAY @ 6 pm
-VANILLA WAFER COOKIES-Frost for bite sized sandwich cookies or layer in banana pudding for an old-fashioned treat.
-LEMON BLUEBERRY MUFFINS-Deliciously tender and refreshing, just the right balance of lemon to blueberries.
-BUCKWHEAT OAT BREAD-A moist, slightly sweet bread. You would never guess this bread is GF.
-HOME CHURNED STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM- Nothing says summer like strawberries and ice cream

Available after THURSDAY @ 6 pm
-LEMON THUMBPRINT COOKIES-This buttery cookie, which is subtly flavored with lemon zest then dotted with raspberry jam, is a delight.
-LEMON SCONES- These scones are terrific with honey or lemon curd!
-LEMON POPPY SEED BREAKFAST BREAD- Lemony and buttery describes this delicious bread. It is like a pound cake in taste and texture but with the added bonus of a zesty lemon glaze that gives the bread a nice citrus flavor and it also makes it tender and moist so it will keep for days.
-GF “RICE CRISPY” SQUARES-A GF version of a childhood favorite.

Available SATURDAY before noon
-CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUT HOLES- If you thought that doughnuts were one of those things you would never be able to eat again, these little bits of heaven are for you.
-BERRY & OAT BREAKFAST BARS-These bars are great for breakfast on the go or a quick snack. The slightly sweet, oatmeal crunch top is a perfect contrast to the rich berry filling.
-BURGER BUNS- Now you can have a burger with all the fixings on a real bun.
-SANDWICH WRAPS-Like a sandwich only better, you can wrap this around any filling.
-EGG NOODLES--Homemade pasta has a fresh taste not found in any store-bought varieties.

-Just add eggs, milk, and canola oil and you have a quick, healthy breakfast everyone will love. Add blueberries for a good-for-you special breakfast.
-GF DOG TREATS! -Healthy for your best friend and safer for you.
If you know of anyone who is searching for GF baked products, please feel free to forward this.

*** We are in the process of developing a complete pricing list.**

Bread: $8/2-pound loaf-10-12 huge slices per loaf
English Muffins: $1 each
Brownies: $1.50 eachOther Muffins: $1.50 each
Hamburger Buns $1 each
Pizza crust (med): $6 each
Coffee Cake: $8/loafWraps: $2 each
Scones: $2 eachPound Cake $8.00
Breakfast Bars: $1.50 each
Noodles: $5/3 servings
Ice cream: $5 pint
Cookies: $10/dozen
Cupcakes: $10/ half dozen
Doughnut Holes: $5/dozen
If you are interested in anything, please give us a call at 590-8112 or reply to this email. If you know of anyone who is searching for GF baked products, please feel free to forward this. If you have questions about ingredients in any product, we will be happy to send a list. We are in Fishers near 116th and Allisonville. I can send directions as needed.Everything we bake is GF and free of bean flour.


Brought to you by the lovely people at The Measuring Cup...Pam, Chris and the team.

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