Monday, July 28, 2008

The Measuring Cup Menu - July 28th - August 2nd

Available after TUESDAY @ 6 pm
-OATMEAL COOKIES-CF AND EGG FREE-An allergy-free version of a classic cookie.
-NO-BAKE COOKIE BARS-EGG FREE-Chocolate and peanut butter combine in this fudgy cookie bar.
-FLAX ENGLISH MUFFINS- CF AND EGG FREE-Hearty and healthy, tastes like a whole grain English muffin.
-INJERA- CF AND EGG FREE-Teff flour is the main ingredient of this pleasant pancake-like bread, which originates in Ethiopia. This sourdough flat bread, which works well with highly spiced foods, can be used like pita bread to either wrap the sandwich filling or torn and used to dip fillings. Teff is rich in iron, fiber, and protein.
-STRAWBERRY AND RHUBARB BREAKFAST BARS-CF FREE-Fresh, tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries, with an oatmeal crumble top. A healthy breakfast to start your day off right.
-CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI MUFFINS-CF AND EGG FREE-Buckwheat, flax, and zucchini make them healthy (you cannot taste the zucchini), chocolate makes them fun.

Available after THURSDAY @ 6 pm
-CRANBERRY WHITE CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES-White chocolate and cranberries are such a happy couple.
-HEARTY WHOLE GRAIN BREAD-If your idea of a great slice of bread is one loaded with healthy whole grains like oats, brown rice, millet, and flax and is sweetened with molasses, this bread is for you.
-BURGER BUNS-now you can have a burger with everything on a real bun.
-TROPICAL CHERRY CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS-These are truly a miracle snack when you are craving a treat! These are packed with potassium, low in sugar, and low fat, although you would never know it! The special ingredient is the coconut flour, which adds a rich tropical taste.
-PASTA-CF-fresh lasagna noodles, fresh spaghetti noodles, fresh fettuccine. . .
-VANILLA POUND CAKE-A gluten free version of an old-fashioned butter cake. It is a perfect desert alone or served with strawberries and whipped cream.

Available SATURDAY before noon
-PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH COOKIES-Comfort food at its finest. If you liked Nutter-Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies (BGF) - that is what this cookie tastes like.
-FRENCH BREAD-A nice crusty exterior and soft, tender inside. Great smothered with butter.
-CHOCOLATE CHIP SCONES-A delicious treat for breakfast, with a cup of tea, or as a midnight snack.
-BUCKWHEAT WAFFLES-FROZEN-Like buckwheat pancakes but lighter and crisp. Great with pure maple syrup! (I usually eat mine spread with peanut butter and topped with homemade raspberry jam).
-HOME-CHURNED OREO OR COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM-A secret pleasure for you or a treat for the kids; this rich, creamy indulgence is sure to be a big hit.

-GF BUCKWHEAT PANCAKE MIX-Just add eggs, milk (cow, rice, soy, almond, coconut), and canola oil and you have a quick, healthy breakfast everyone will love. Add blueberries for a good-for-you special breakfast.

*** We are in the process of developing a complete pricing list.
Bread: $8/2-pound loaf-10-12 huge slices per loaf
English Muffins: $1 each
Brownies: $1.50 each
Other Muffins: $1.50 each
Hamburger Buns $1 each
Pizza crust (med): $6 each
Coffee Cake: $8/loaf
Wraps: $2 each
Scones: $2 each
Pound Cake $8.00
Breakfast Bars: $1.50 each
Noodles: $5/3 servings
Ice cream: $5 pint
Cookies: $10/dozen
Cupcakes: $10/ half dozen
Doughnut Holes: $5/dozen

If you are interested in anything, please give us a call at 590-8112.

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