Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Measuring Cup Menu - July 15th - July 20th

Available after TUESDAY @ 6 pm
-PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES-Peanut butter and chocolate-what’s not to love?
-BLUEBERRY BREAKFAST BARS-Fresh blueberries sandwiched between two layers of oat crumble. High in fiber, vitamin C, and health-protecting antioxidants.
-HEARTY POTATO BREAD-This is a hearty bread, great tasting and super soft. Perfect for sandwiches or just munching on.
-LEMON CUPCAKES-A delectable dessert, tender and moist, buttery, and lemony. The lemon buttercream frosting will turn you into a lemon lover!

Available after THURSDAY @ 6 pm
-MOLASSES SPICE COOKIES-Molasses spice cookies are sort of like ginger snaps except bigger and chewy.
-ORANGE SCONES-These look like a “real” scone - and more importantly, taste wonderful. Nice texture, tender, ever so slightly sweet, perfect drizzled with orange glaze.
-CORNBREAD MUFFINS-I did not expect gluten-free to be this moist and tasty. I can not keep them in the house!
-PINEAPPLE UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE-Individual cakes or 9-inch layer cake for the whole family-This pineapple upside-down cake is one of my husband’s favorite deserts. He is a cake person (There are cake people and there are pie people. I'm a pie person) who gets dreamy eyed just thinking about this cake. The cake is wonderfully dense, with a slight almond flavor and sweetness from the brown sugar and pineapple.

Available SATURDAY before noon
-COCONUT MACAROONS-Toasty on the outside, soft, chewy, sweet (but not too sweet) on the inside and dipped just slightly in chocolate.
-PEACHES AND CREAM MUFFINS- Just like peach cobbler in a muffin.
-COUNTRY SORGHUM SANDWICH BREAD-A supple bread that slices easily and is great for sandwiches. It does not need to be toasted to taste good.
-CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUT HOLES-If you thought that doughnuts were one of those things you would never be able to eat again, these little bits of heaven are for you.

-Just add eggs, milk (cow, rice, soy, almond, coconut), and canola oil and you have a quick, healthy breakfast everyone will love. Add blueberries for a good-for-you special breakfast.

*** We are in the process of developing a complete pricing list.
Bread: $8/2-pound loaf-10-12 huge slices per loaf
English Muffins: $1 each
Brownies: $1.50 eachOther Muffins: $1.50 each
Hamburger Buns $1 each
Pizza crust (med): $6 each
Coffee Cake: $8/loafWraps: $2 each
Scones: $2 eachPound Cake $8.00
Breakfast Bars: $1.50 eachNoodles: $5/3 servings
Ice cream: $5 pint
Cookies: $10/dozen

Brought to you by the great people at The Measuring Cup: Pam, Chris and the gang.

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