Monday, March 28, 2011

The Original Pancake House: Indy @ 86th & Ditch

In our Chicago vacation blog, we mentioned that we ate at a place called Walker Brothers, and we had GF pancakes. Well, the actual name of the restaurant is Walker Brothers Original Pancake House, and it’s a franchise of The Original Pancake House.

A couple of weeks ago, my parents were eating breakfast at the OPH in Noblesville, and they noticed that it had GF pancakes listed. I got super excited, because I’d been missing the GF pancakes from Chicago. I called the 86th and Ditch location in Indy, and they had the GF pancakes, too. Brandie and I met my parents, my GF sister, her husband and his daughter for breakfast for my birthday, and we (my sister and I) were very happy that we could eat the pancakes. They were very good, though I remember the ones at Walker Bros being better. Still, I got 8 good-sized GF pancakes for a price that wasn’t going to completely break the bank. I am very happy that there is a place near our house that has GF pancakes, but I’m afraid that I’ll keep bugging Brandie to take me for pancakes all the time.


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