Monday, March 28, 2011

Snyder's of Hanover: GF pretzels

I’ve wanted to try these pretzels ever since I’d heard that they were available in Indy. Finally, during one of our trips to Whole Foods, I remembered about them and bought a bag. As Brandie would say, “OMG, these’re good!” I ate them as a snack to get me through until dinner, but it was hard not to eat the entire bag. I just kept eating and eating and eating. Brandie had to take the bag and hide it, so I wouldn’t ruin my appetite. I would definitely buy these pretzels again, and I think they would be great dipped in chocolate, which is an experiment Brandie and I want to try someday.

Brandie here - I gotta say, GF pretzels are definitely one of those products that are just better GF. I would actually eat GF pretzels over 'regular' pretzels any day.


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