Thursday, October 30, 2008

GF cough relief with Cold-EEZE

My husband doesn't normally get ill, as a matter of fact it is odd how little he gets sick, even in the cold and flu season. Well, right now he is dealing with the common cold and the symptoms that come along with it and because we rarely have to deal with him being sick, we hadn't spent too much time on locating a GF cough suppressant. Well, after searching for about 45 minutes yesterday and speaking with various companies, I had a 'ah ha' moment. First, let me say that I wasn't even aware of all of the many cough drop and sore throat lozenge brands - I'm a Halls girl and never once thought to check the ingredients since I don't have CD. Well, I was amazed at all of the different brands that popped up once I googled 'cough drops'.
I went through the usual frustrating phone calls with companies - "sorry mam, we just don't know if our product is gluten free" - "mam, I can read you the ingredients, well...actually I can spell them for you because I'm not sure how to pronounce them". I was so angry!! But, I realized that I had to calm down and keep a positive outlook, people with CD get colds and it would be impossible in today's world that not one company made a GF product. So, I counted to 10 and kept searching. It was when I came across Cold-EEZE brand that my luck changed. I didn't even have to call the company because in big bold print, under the FAQs section, they stated that all of their products are gluten-free and safe for those who have CD. Woo hoo!!! And, I was able to print off a $1.00 off coupon - even better!
So last night, Tommie and I went to CVS and he purchased a pack of sore throat lozenges. I have already spoke with him this morning and he is doing much better. He told me that the back of the package also says Gluten-Free so I guess I would have had a better chance searching for a GF product in the store then online, but hey - you live you learn.
The Cold-EEZE website is:
Don't forget to download your coupon!


Anonymous said...

I came to this blogspot because I had a huge and immediate reaction from sugar free cold ease. After reading your blog I assume that the issue here is sugar free vs. regular cold ease. I love the product and am glad to hear that regular cold ease is still availble for poeple with CD.

Please be advised that sugar free cold ease will give you a reaction.

Anonymous said...

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