Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Product of the Month

Last night I noticed that the expiration date on our eggs was quickly approaching so I decided to do some baking in hopes of finding a GF product of the month. Well, the winner is......
Whole Foods's GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
The mix was very easy and quick to prepare - this would be a great project to ask children to help with. I started off by making individual cookies, but then realized that I only had one sheet of parchment paper (the instructions requires that you bake the cookies on parchment paper) left and decided to make a giant cookie.
Here's the catch: the mix is very segmented and requires that you form balls out of the dough. When I made the sheet cookie, I just smashed the dough together rather lazily and therefore when it was done baking the cookie crumbled in the places where the dough wasn't packed. So, next time I'm making a sheet cookie, I'll just form the dough into one big ball and make sure everything is good and smashed together, then I'll place it on the cookie shoot and smooth it out. Did I complicate that enough for you? :P
Point is, this is a great gluten-free product and for the price, you might as well give it a try.
Sorry about not having any pictures of the cookies - they went pretty quick.

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