Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Product Review: Maggie's Oh So Chocolatey Brownie Mix

At a recent GF community outing, Tommie and I picked up some Maggie's Oh So Chocolately Brownie Mix. The mix was free and we're the adventurous type so we figured 'what the heck'. The mix was very easy to prepare, however we were a little concerned when the brownie mix was more like moon sand that you can buy at toy stores than it was a brownie mix. Definitely read the instructions and make sure your hands are good and wet when you try to spread the mix in your pan our you are going to have a very tough time of washing the mix off your hands.

The taste and texture also left something to be desired. The brownies were dry and gritty and tasted more of bitter cocoa than anything else. When looking at the bag of dry mix, it appears that there is a lot of sugar, however the taste was anything but sweet.

I would not recommend this mix to anyone, especially for the price of $4.99 on their website. Pamela's or the Whole Foods 365 mix is a much better product and doesn't leave you saddened by idea of a gluten-free life.

These pictures were found on the Maggie's website:

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