Monday, September 29, 2008

The Measuring Cup Menu - Sept. 29th - October 4th

Available after Thursday @ 6 p.m.
-GINGER SNAPS- A slightly spicy, not too sweet cookie with hints of molasses and brown sugar.
-LEMON RASPBERRY THUMBPRINT COOKIES- This buttery cookie, which is delicately flavored with lemon zest then dotted with raspberry jam, is a delight.
-PUMPKIN CHI SPICE SCONES-Inspired by a pumpkin spice chi latte, these scones are pleasantly flavored with pumpkin and war spices.
-DONUT MUFFINS- A mini-muffin sprinkled with cinnamon sugar that recreates the taste and texture of a cake donut without the added calories of frying.
-THICK AND CHEWY PIZZA CRUST-DAIRY FREE-A must-have for your freezer. Great for a quick dinner, or for a special treat, top with your favorite pizza sauce, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and basil. To add a great smoked flavor cook your pizza outside on the grill.
-HEARTY WHOLE GRAIN BREAD- DAIRY FREE-If your idea of a great slice of bread is one loaded with healthy whole grains like millet, oats, brown rice, and flax and is sweetened with molasses, this bread is for you.
-LEMON CUPCAKES- use frosting saved in favs-A delectable dessert, tender and moist, and lemony. The lemon butter cream frosting will turn you into a lemon lover!
Available SATURDAY before noon:
-SNICKERDOODLES-These popular cinnamon and sugar cookies are amazing! They melt in your mouth. The whole family will love them!
-PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES - Comfort food at its finest, chewy peanut but ter cookies. Made with Cream Hill Estates Certified Gluten Free Oats.
-PUMPKIN RAISIN BREAD -DAIRY AND EGG FREE-This rich bread is dense and moist; the raisins add a slight sweetness.
-CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI MUFFINS-EGG FREE- Buckwheat, flax, and zucchini make them healthy, chocolate makes them fun. (You can’t really taste the zucchini in these, it adds moisture to these lower fat muffins)
-ENGLISH MUFFINS-DAIRY & EGG FREE-These look and TASTE like the real thing. White, Cinnamon Raisin, or Flax.
-HEARTY SANDWICH BREAD- This hearty, gluten free sandwich bread features almond meal, rice bran, cinnamon, and currants. It is outstanding for chicken salad or grilled cheese sandwiches – It tastes very similar to a whole wheat bread.
-CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES WITH MOCHA BUTTER CREAM FROSTING- Real cupcakes, topped with mocha butter cream frosting.
-GRAHAM CRACKERS-EGG FREE-With s’mores season right around the corner you will want to stock up. Also great with a glass of milk for a not-too-sweet after school snack.
-EGG NOODLES- DAIRY FREE-Homemade noodles have a fresh taste not found in any store-bought varieties.
-BUCKWHEAT PANCAKE MIX-Just add eggs, milk (cow, rice, soy, almond, or coconut), and canola oil and you have a quick, healthy breakfast everyone will love. Add blueberries for a good-for-you special breakfast.
-CORN BREAD MIX- Just add eggs, milk (cow, rice, soy, almond, or coconut), and canola oil.
Serve with a bowl of chili for the perfect game-day dinner!
We are in the process of developing a complete pricing list.
Bread: $8/2-pound loaf-10-12 huge slices per loaf
English Muffins: $1.50 each
Muffins: $1.50 each
Pizza crust (med): $6 each
Scones: $2 each
Cupcakes: $10/ half dozen
Noodles: $5/3 servings
Cookies: $10/dozen
Pancake Mix: $3.00


jenn said...

I found this place that sells all kind of Gluten Free food and snacks. I had a great experience with them the last few times. Thanks to them I can have lots of yummy treats.

Brandie said...

Awesome! I'll have to check them out, thanks for the info. Have a great day!