Thursday, January 20, 2011

Restaurant Review: Square Rootz Deli

Located at 1111 Prospect St., Indianapolis, IN 46203
The inside is pretty cool. Check out the awesome layout and colors. Also, there is some pretty cool artwork hanging about. You can also pick up massage oils, groceries, and pick up some albums at Uncle Rudolph's Record Rack (make sure you bring cash if you to plan to buy any music).
So you walk in, place your order, and have a seat. The hardest part of this routine, deciding on what you're going to eat. I ordered the reuben with pasta salad (of course mine wasn't GF). Tommie ordered the reuben and mashed potatoes. Look below and see how pleased he was when he got the plate.
That my ladies and gentlemen is ONE reuben sandwich. I guess they figured that even though the bread is small, that they're not going to skimp on the portions. And by the way - the quality of the food is AMAZING. They use Udi's bread and Boar's Head meats. Look at all that cheese!!!!
And the outcome? Well, you can see for yourself. This place is AWESOME!!!! I would highly recommend this deli to anyone, not just GF Hoosiers. As a matter of fact, I think we're going to be making this a new hangout for us. And price? It cost about $20 for lunch, but did you see the size of that sandwich? And I know their pasta salad isn't GF, but if you're going with someone who can it, I suggest they try it.


Alison said...

So glad to know about your blog! Square Rootz is definitely on my list to try, and that reuben looks incredible... thanks for the review! Also, I was looking at your list of restaurants in Indy - all of the Patachou locations now carry Udi's bread, with a dedicated toaster. And their Napolese pizza restaurant will serve any of their pizzas on Udi's crusts!

Tommie Kingsley & Brandie Kopsas-Kingsley said...

Thanks for the update on Patachou!!! We'll have to give it a go. And thanks for reading the blog, sometime we don't update as much as we would like. :) -Brandie