Wednesday, April 2, 2008

GF Product of the Month

Gillian's GF Frozen Pizza Dough

"What am I going to do about pizza?" This is often the first thought by many who are diagnosed with CD. Well, after years of trying numerous brands and homemade concoctions - we have found a really great pizza crust! Gillian's Foods makes a great GF frozen pizza dough and it can be found in pretty much every state (granted you may have to drive a ways to get it) and you can even order it online!

Simply leave in the fridge the night before you want to use it and roll it out like a regular pizza dough. Have some flour ready because like normal dough, it will get sticky once it starts to heat up to room temperature. Place on a baking dish, add your favorite sauce and toppings - and voila!...about 13 minutes later you have a pizza that you would swear could be full of gluten it tastes so good. Don't worry about writing all of this down - the directions are on the back of the bag.

Now if most of you are like my husband, you miss stuffed crust pizza. Not to worry - this frozen pizza dough works great for that as well. Just buy some mozzi sticks and cut them lengthwise roll the crust over the cheese and there you go - you now have stuffed crust pizza. Of course you would want to complete this step before you add the sauce and toppings - unless you like to be messy and then hey - have it your way.

As far as price - it is actually pretty good. One roll of dough will run you about $4.80 (this is a Midwest price) and the dough has a freezer life of about six months. This is the only GF freezer dough I have found and it is much better then actual pre-made GF crusts and much cheaper.

More information about this product and others made by Gillians can be found at their website:

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