Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Local Guy Brings GF Bliss to the Greater Indianapolis Area

This past week a woman named Pam sent out an email on the 'glutenfreeindy' listserv stating that her son has taken up GF cooking in support of his mom and siblings and that he has extra baked goods he needs to get rid of. My first thought - woo hoo - it is great when things pay off! Being a member of the listserv means that you are going to get some good information from a lot of great people, however, you will have to wade through piles of emails to find these little bits of treasure and man did Tommie and I find a pot of gold in this email. We drove up to the Fishers home where all of this GF magic is taking place and tried chocolate donut holes (some with powdered sugar and some with chocolate frosting), chocolate chip cookies and ryeless rye bread.

Now I could just simply tell you that the food was great but that would not express the trance like state these yummies put us in. The texture, the taste - are these people tricking us? Did they just give us food full of gluten that at any minute will cause my husband to become ill? Is Ashton Kucher going to pop out of the hallway closet and tell us we've been punk'd? What is going on?!!!

I am here to tell you that this guy, and by the way his name is Chris, is not just a good baker he is a fantastic GLUTEN-FREE whiz kid. He is a superhero that comes equipped with a whisk and GF flours.

You may think I'm exaggerating, you'll point out that I'm possibly a little crazy. That's fine, I'll give you the benefit of a doubt. However, did I tell you that the ryeless rye felt like dare I say, normal bread? The chocolate chip cookies reminded me of Keebler cookies and Dunkin Donuts has nothing on his donut holes. The real test, I gave some cookies to my co-workers and they liked them - they didn't even know they were GF until I told them! We took half a dozen donut holes, a dozen chocolate chip cookies and an entire loaf of pre-sliced (yes I said pre-sliced) ryeless rye off their hands. This week we will be making grilled Reuben's and Tommie will get to experience Swiss cheese on rye grilled cheese sandwiches, which he has not had in four years.

Chris and his team are looking to open a GF bakery in the Fishers area under the name 'The Measuring Cup' and I highly recommend their products. Until he opens the business, Tommie and I will definitely be happy to purchase products out of his home; and as far as prices, right now they are just looking for monetary contributions that will help pay for the supplies. They are in the process of creating a set menu and price list though. And if you have CD and other food allergies let them know, they can customize orders to leave out dairy or nuts, etc. I will be posting some pictures of the cookies and the bread soon, but I regret to inform you that the donut holes did not make it to photo production, mainly because they're now sitting in our bellies - YUM!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad you both enjoyed your products. The look on your faces when you tasted the donut holes was priceless. It makes all of the stuff that has gone directly from the oven to the trash seem insignificant.
I can't wait to try a few of your recipes as well.

Gluti Girl said...

Hi Brandi, I saw your post on the Gluten free Indy board. So I came to check out your blog. Always nice to have more Indy bloggers!

Wow, how do you get an invite to this guys house? And how soon will they have the bakery up and running? Too bad they aren't on the southside!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw your comment. Chris is my son, he's too busy baking to be on the internet much, but I try to keep up with my google group's e-mails and read some blogs. If you would like, I could add you to the list of people who have asked what we are baking each week.
Today I made some low-fat, high fiber oatmeal blueberry muffins for breakfast. (We like to make some healthy stuff too). They were really good, I have made them chocolate also, without the blueberries of course:)
We hope to have the bakery open by early summer. But you are welcome to come by as well.