Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Isabella's Best Baked Goods

We found these cookies at Georgetown Market, and figured that we’d try them out for the blog. They didn’t last a week, and Brandie only got to eat one or two of them. These were some of the best GF cookies I’ve ever eaten. I like oatmeal cookies and I LOVE chocolate chip cookies, so I thought, at best, I’d like them, but I was wrong. The only chocolate chip cookies that I like more than these are the homemade ones that Brandie and my sister, Kristen, make. I was checking their website, and they make Not-so-Peanut Butter cookies, too, but I will not be trying those, as I have a strong aversion to peanut butter.

Where to buy: Georgetown Market
Price: $4.49

P.S. - Don't forget that at Georgetown Market you can get a frequent customer and earn rewards for every dollar you spend. We just received an $11 gift reward to use at the store!


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