Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Nathan's Hot Dogs

I was born in the Bronx and we visited my family near there on a regular basis. Occasionally, we got to eat at a Nathan’s hot dog stand growing up, and it was such a great part of being out east. Then they started selling Nathan’s hot dogs by the package here in Indiana, and it was great. Then I got diagnosed with Celiac, and since Nathan’s hot dogs weren’t gluten-free, that was bad. Now, Nathan’s are gluten-free, and it’s great again. I didn’t realize how much I missed those hot dogs until Brandie noticed that they were gluten-free at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. We bought a package, and they are delicious. It’s like reliving my childhood while knowing that I won’t have to go through puberty again; the best of both worlds.

We bought our Nathan's at Walmart, but I'm sure you can get them at other local Indy stores.


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